About Us

The trusted partners of property developers and their prospects. Your full-service team of property specialists, dedicated to delivering profitability and success. With a track record of selling out developments and over $1B worth of property sold in Australia, you can feel secure that your development is in the right hands. Known for breaking records and letting nothing stand in the way of attaining maximal profit for our clients.
D. Property looks at real estate differently. With our founder growing up in a property development family, we oversee every facet of the real estate marketing world. From planning and design to selling out of full developments. A big picture approach.
Transparency is at the centre of everything we do at D. Property. We work with our clients to ensure we’re fully aligned at every stage of the process. This is reflected in everything we do - working collaboratively, providing cutting edge reporting and 24/7 live updates on the progress of sales via our tailor-made developer dashboard.

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